Uniteki Corporation

Add.: Cheong Shing Industrial Bld., 17 Walnut Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Tel.: +852-6631 8991 
Fax: +852-6631 8992         

Office hours: 8:30-17:30,
Monday - Friday


Our Business

  • Competitive Advantage
  • Quality Source
  • Logistics Services
  • Cooperation Expanding

Competitive Advantage

Totally aware of all the market place realities: growing retailer consolidation, ever increasing pressure on the distribution channel and continual margin erosion, Uniteki delivers the absolute lowest cost at the specified quality.

Uniteki provides a competitive advantage by protecting our customers' margins and allowing them to focus on the key sales, marketing and distribution initiatives necessary to grow their business in today's challenging environment.

Quality Source

Our customers know, with confidence, that Uniteki team of dedicated, full-time QA/QC staff is working in our supplier base throughout Asia to guarantee that all products meet or exceed quality specifications.

Guaranteeing quality is just the end result of Uniteki manic attention to our three step quality process:
Supplier Assessment with trained and dedicated teams that provide comprehensive and consistent factory audits.

Quality Assurance that produces a "brand right" quality plan for each customer.

Quality Control teams with continuous supervision, monitoring and training that use market leading processes, tools and standards.

Logistics Services

Working with “arm-length” shipping companies and associations, Uniteki can help you the logistics problem with competitive freight rates and good service.

Cooperation Expanding

Knowing well with all kinds of suppliers throughout Asian, Uniteki can provide you new ideas may have good market in your countries. Then use our above three business, we expand our cooperation, geting win-win results.

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